Swamp Rabbits hold fan appreciation night Friday, on last home game

Friday April 8, 2016 the Greenville Swamp Rabbits will play their last home game against the Gladiators.

The team will also meet and greet fans after the game and sign autographs.

The Swamp Rabbit’s white jerseys will be given away and the players will wear them Friday during the game.

The party begins at 5:30 on the plaza with music, food and games.

A tip for four to Universal Studios in Orlando will be given away thanks to the Hilton of Greenville.

Swamp Rabbits General Manager Chris Lewis told 7 News the team is excited they’re looking forward to adding a new mascot to the team next year along with some new staff.

You can hear more of this comments in the interview below.

Tickets will be sold for as low as $10 and the game starts at 7 pm.

Center Ryan Rashid told 7 News they’re grateful for their supportive fan base that come out all year long.

” When they’re out there hooting and hollering and banging on the glass it makes things pretty fun,” Rashid said.

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