Hero officer saves 3 lives in 10 days

EVESHAM TOWNSHIP, NJ (CBS News) – Officer Brian Strockbine and Pete Corelli have never met before, but Corelli says he owes Strockbine a debt he can never repay.

Officer Strockbine saved Pete’s mother after police say her husband tried to kill her.

“We are able to still hug mom, sister, aunt, and friend and so for that my family is forever grateful,” said Corelli.

On March 8, Strockbine got a call about a woman who appeared to be dead on the front lawn. She was brutally beaten, had no pulse, and wasn’t breathing.

Strockbine started CPR and after 3 minutes she started breathing.

The 69-year-old who wants to keep her name private told police that her husband tried to kill her.

“To hear [him] thank me,” the Evesham Township, New Jersey officer says, “We don’t do this job to be thanks or for the recognition. I loved being a police officer and that day made me so proud.”

Strockbine found himself helping again – just four days later.

He was on the scene of a car crash. Smoke filled one of the cars and a man inside was unconscious. Strockbine broke the car window and brought the man to safety.

Five days after that, he revived another woman who was unconscious.

Strockbine says it’s just part of the job.

“That day I was so proud to be a police officer,” Strockbine said, “I was so proud to work for this department. It reminded me why I wanted to do this job.”

And those he directly impacted insist, he’s more than Evesham Township Officer of the Month – he’s a hero.

“I love him,” said Corelli.

The officer is responsible for saving three lives in ten days.

“I was able to make a real impact on somebody’s life,” Strockbine says.

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