Spartanburg Call Center celebrates National Telecommunicator Week

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When you need help, you depend on 911 operators to get first responders to you fast.

This week is National Telecommunicators Week which puts the spotlight on what operators do and how you can help responders when seconds count.

In Spartanburg 911 dispatchers are allowed to have a relaxed dress code for the week and they’ve been receiving emails and thank you letters from the community.

They also ask the public to help them when they’re working to get first responders to an emergency in a hurry.

Having your street address and surrounding building on hand helps 911 get a fire truck or ambulance to you fast.

Dispatchers said you’d be surprised to know how many people have no idea what color their home is.

911 Director Mike Flynn said in March, they received more than 6000 false calls, which was almost 20 percent of the total number of calls they received.

911 call operators tell us they spend too much time calling people back that hang up after calling by mistake.

Dialing 911 mistakenly without knowing it can take time away from answering calls involving a life or death situation.

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