Two armed robbers on loose after home invasion in Fountain Inn

Police in Fountain Inn are looking for two men who broke into and robbed a house at gunpoint on Georgia Street, Wednesday evening.

Police released descriptions of the two men:

Person 1: 6 foot tall black man in his late teens or early 20’s wearing dark pants and dark long sleeved shirt (possibly a hoodie).
Person 2: Black man in his late teens or early 20’s, shorter and stockier than the first person with similar clothing.

Police believe the two were in a dark colored 2004-2006 Chevrolet Impala.

Chief Keith Morton says, “Although we have never had an incident occur in Fountain Inn quite like this, the Police Department takes this personally and will not stop until those involved are brought to justice and held accountable for their actions.”

If you have any information on the incident, you are asked to call the Fountain Inn Police Department at 864-862-4461 or Crime Stoppers at 864-23-CRIME.

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