Escapee claims drugs, abuse inside DJJ facilities

A 16-year-old that was sentenced to DJJ facilities sat down with reporter Brianna Smith detailing events that he says happened inside Upstate DJJ facilities.

The teen was sentenced for assault and battery charges after a stent at Upstate Evaluation Center, was sent to Excalibur in Greenville County.

While he was expected to get behavioral counseling to help with anger issues, but he says he never received any.

“They didn’t do any counseling there, you were there just to do your time and go home,” said the teen.

He also says the facility constantly had bed bugs, didn’t give them medical care, and that guards offered them pot and even smoked it with them.

The teen escaped from Excalibur in late July, after he says a counselor asked for sexual favors in exchange for cigarettes.

3 teens did escape at the end of July and the 16-year-old was sent to Camp White Pines after he was caught.

While at Camp White Pines, the teen says that he would see abuse multiple times a week from several counselors.

“I don’t want other kids to have to see what I saw. Everyone deserves a chance to go on the right path, and that’s not going to help them go on the right path.”

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