LISTEN: 911 call released in Greenville Castle shooting

No charges will be filed in a fatal shooting at a Greenville Co. castle.

READ: Castle owner won’t be charged in deadly Greenville Co. shooting

Solicitor Walt Wilkins has ruled the homeowner, Allen Stephenson, was legally standing his ground.

It happened March 19th on the property on Altamont Road. Greenville County deputies received a call about a suspicious person on the property and that the homeowner fired a shotgun.

When deputies arrived, they found one person dead.

The coroner says the victim, Matthew Whitman, died of a multiple gunshot wounds with a shotgun at close range.

The homeowner was identified as Southern Tide owner, Allen Stephenson.



At the beginning of the call, you can hear dispatch and the girlfriend telling Allen to come back inside.

3:51 (you hear the gunshots)

4:49 – Stephenson: I just killed a man. I’m sorry
911: What made you want to discharge your gun to hurt him?
Allen: He pulled a knife out and came at me. He had a hand in his pocket and kept coming closer. He got to about two feet away. He pulled a knife out and came at me with it and I shot him several times.

5:51 – Stephenson: He pulled a knife and came at me in a stabbing motion from about two feet away. I was scared for my life. I can assure you

7:52 – 911: Do you know if the man is breathing?
Stephenson: He’s not. I shot him a bunch of times
911: What part of the body?
Stephenson: I had a shotgun
911: What part of the body did you shoot him?
Stephenson: I don’t know. It was a shot gun. I just shot, shot, shot, shot and then he was motionless.

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