Students meet with Clemson officials over campus equality

Clemson students meet with administrators over campus equality

Students continue protesting on Clemson’s campus, demanding more diversity on campus.

Administrators met with student leaders to find a resolution Monday, but students say their voices were not heard.

Monday marks six days of students camping outside of Sikes Hall in protest for a resolution.

For over an hour, administrators spoke with student leaders regarding the protest, including President James Clements and the new Chief Diversity Officer Lee Gill

Students were searching for answers and say they never got one.

“There was just absolutely no acknowledgement whatsoever about what’s going on here. The student body has no clue why we’re out here,” says A.D. Carson, a Clemson Graduate student.

Monday was Gill’s first day as the new Chief Diversity Officer for Clemson; something student leaders say was used as an excuse by administrators during the meeting for him not being up to speed on the issue.

After Monday’s incident where an African American banner was defaced with bananas students say that wasn’t the first time something like that has happened here.

“The confederate flag rally that they had out, the blackface party, the Cripmas party. All of those things are symptoms and I think the disease here is silence,” says Carson

Administrators never came out and addressed the students waiting outside of Sikes Hall after Monday’s meeting.

“What we are suffering from is a disease, as a community and what happened on Monday is a symptom of that but that’s not it”

Students say administrators plan on having three more conversations with them by Thursday in hopes of action being taken to create more diversity on campus.

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