Warmer Weather, Growing Cities Could be why Several Remains Discovered

16 years is a long wait, especially if you are waiting for a loved one to come home.

Arlene Dubose says when she saw her uncle’s car pulled out of Lake Russell near Calhoun Falls this week, she knew before the coroner could even confirm it that the worst she feared was true.

The remains were her uncle’s john Henry Dubose who disappeared when she was 16 years old.

“I knew one day when he knew I could handle it that it would be revealed to me,” Arlene said. “I struggled for a very long time. As far as what happened, I don’t feel like we have closure in that and that part is still hard to deal with. But I will take knowing the confirmation that we do have, versus not having anything.”

The cause of his death is under investigation. The Abbeville County coroner says it was easier to find his car in Lake Russell, because the waters were lower.

Her uncle is one of several missing people whose remains were discovered throughout the Upstate in recent weeks. The Greenville county coroner says it certainly is unusual.

“We’ve got several missing person cases out there that we feel persons are deceased. We just don’t know where the bodies are,” said Coroner Parks Evans.  “So those that luckily are found that we are able to identify, it does give the families some closure.”

Just last week, a construction worker found bones here in Greenville County. In the same week, a missing woman’s bones were found off Enola Station Road in Spartanburg.

The Coroner’s Office says they aren’t sure if there is an exact rhyme or reason but it could be our growing cities and the beautiful weather, getting more people outdoors and in areas that haven’t been searched before.

“As areas grow, a lot of the land is being cleared and stuff and people are actually finding bones,” Evans added.

Whatever the reason, the coroners are just glad families can now remember instead of wonder.

“He had a good heart. He was a loving person. He was just good people and good to be around,” Arlene remembered about her uncle.

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