2 women arrested in Greenville Co. armed robbery

(left to right: Jacqueline Cheyenne Landreth, Dominique Romando Turner, and Shatoria Nechelle Sanders)

Police arrested three people in connection to an armed robbery that happened in Greenville, Wednesday night.

According to the police report, officers were called to the Phoenix Inn on N Pleasantburg Dr. to respond to an armed robbery.

A witness at the scene told the Greenville Police Officers that two people in a white truck robbed two people while holding a handgun.

One of the victims had a minor injury to the back of her head.

The two suspects were identified as Shatoria Nechelle Sanders and Jacqueline Cheyenne Landreth. They were taken into custody.

Police officers on the way to the scene saw a white truck matching the description given by the witnesses. A male passenger got out of the vehicle at

Lowndes Hill and Pleasantburg and ran.

The man was identified him as Dominique Romando Turner and was taken into custody.

Landreth, Sanders and Turner were taken to the Detention Center and jailed on charged of Armed Robbery and Assault & Battery 1st degree.

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