FBI training church leaders in Spartanburg in wake of deadly Charleston church shooting

The FBI is conducting church security symposiums following June's deadly shooting in Charleston at Emanuel AME. (AP File Photo/David Goldman, File)

FBI Agents will be in Spartanburg Thursday to talk to church leaders about how to protect their congregation.

The Columbia Field Office will hold a Situational Awareness symposium at Cornerstone Baptist Church, 700 South Converse Street, Spartanburg, South Carolina from 7pm to 9pm.

The FBI started the events after the deadly shooting in June at Emanuel AME in Charleston.  The FBI has conducted similar events in Aiken, Greenville, Columbia, Conway, Charleston and Florence.

Clergy and layperson leadership from Spartanburg and surrounding communities are encouraged to attend.  The FBI will provide the latest information and share lessons learned in an effort to better prepare them for handling potentially violent incidents.

Agents will cover topics including characteristics of active shooters and pre-incident behavioral indicators, dealing with the national news, supporting victims and families, what to expect from responding law enforcement and public safety.

If you have questions, call 803.551.4352 or email at denise.taiste@ic.fbi.gov.

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