Man hears wife being robbed on cell phone

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. (WFLA) – A Florida woman was on the phone with her husband when, she says, a man forced her to a bank at gunpoint.

Priscilla Cercone walked out of her home to check the mail Tuesday evening. She got her in her car to run some errands but decided to go through the mail before taking off. While reading the mail, a man approached the car, got in the backseat and ordered Cercone to drive to a nearby bank, WSVN reported.

“He has a gun pointed at me, and he said, ‘If you don’t do what I say, I’ll kill you,” Cercone said.

Leon Henry, Cercone’s husband happened to be on the phone with her as his wife went through the scariest car trip of her life. “She screamed, and when I heard that scream, I said, ‘Baby, baby,’ and I don’t hear her, I said something’s wrong,” Henry told WSVN.

As Cercone drove to the bank with a gun pointed to her head, her husband heard the intense ordeal unfolding.

“Opened the effing door and don’t scream. When I heard that, I said, ‘My wife is in danger,” Henry recounted.

Once at the bank, the suspect demanded Cercone withdraw $400 before telling her to go back to her home so he can steal things there.

While this was happening, Cercone’s husband managed to contact police. When she returned to her house, cops were there waiting. Both Cercone and the robber jumped from the vehicle.

“He threw the gun or something because they had to go and find it,” Cercone explained.

The suspect, Bernard Owens, 21, was captured by police. He is now facing armed robbery and kidnapping charges in connection with the frightening ordeal.

As for Cercone, “Whatever is the max, I want the max for him. Always carry your phone. Always carry somebody on your ear. Wherever you’re going, tell them where you’re going.”


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