MRR secretly met with DHEC, lied about landfill says Pickens Co.

Pickens Co. says MRR, the company with a permit for a landfill had secret meetings with DHEC about adding features to landfill after they got the permit.

They say MRR lied to the county about the plans for construction being unaltered.

MRR entered into a host agreement with the county in 2008 for the landfill at Highway 93 and C&D landfill.

They didn’t start construction of the new landfill because of the recession in 2009.

Pickens County says MRR received extensions from DHEC on the time to start construction, but in 2014 they conducted secret meetings with DHEC.

They say MRR proposed to add Class 3 landfill features, altering the initial design and adding a liner and leachate collection system.

Pickens says they were given no notice of these changes and at the Planning Commission meeting on January 12, 2015, MRR was asked whether or not it would need any liner, and had there been any changes to the plans presented in 2007.

They say MRR officials falsely stated no liner was necessary, and there were no changes to the initial plans presented in 2007.

Then the county began hearing about the companies intentions of putting coal ash in the landfill.

By December 2015, County officials began hearing information concerning MRR’s intentions of depositing coal ash into the landfill. County officials and staff requested specific information from MRR concerning its intentions. MRR refused to comply and failed to provide the requested information. On January 11, 2016, the Planning Commission suspended the land use approval for the landfill, and requested MRR to present sufficient information of their intention to strictly comply with the 2007 and 2015 land use approvals. MRR retaliated by suing Pickens County and the individual members of the Planning Commission.


Attorney Robert Goings released the following statement on behalf of MMR LLC.

Unfortunately, Pickens County continues its PR campaign to defame this company through the media. The reason Pickens County is continuously issuing press releases on a pending legal action is deprive MRR Pickens of a fair trial and to wrongfully exert political and public pressure in defending against a clear breach of contract. To argue that MRR Pickens engaged in a conspiracy with DHEC and committed “perjury” is preposterous. The truth will come out in the court of law, not through one-sided and false press releases spun by Pickens County.

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