Spartanburg strategizes for future change

Leaders in Spartanburg County are working on ways to make it a better place to live.

7 News sat down with Allen Smith, President and CEO of the Spartanburg Area Chamber of Commerce, to take a look at the results of a community assessment.

Since September, they’ve been working with an outside company to look at Spartanburg’s strengths and areas for improvement. It points out the need to raise standards in local schools, the low percentage of adults with a college degree, and the need to keep those students here after they graduate. The assessment also praised the area for its manufacturing sector growth. To read the assessment, click here.

“We have some challenges in terms of per capita income that needs to grow,” said Smith. “We need to attract higher wage jobs.”

Smith also points out that the study finds that the entire community is invested in the area’s future.

“People are dedicated, almost obsessed here with improving Spartanburg,” Smith explained. “It really is a unified, community effort.”

Smith says by they should have a plan in place by October.

Spartanburg strategizes for future change



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