VIDEO: School official restrains student by neck until she passes out

Kingstree, SC (WCBD) — A student at Kingstree High School passed out after a school employee tried to pull her away from a fight. The student’s family contacted WCBD News 2 to try and get the word out about what happened.

A fight broke out at Kingstree High School Monday between two girls, and in a video of the fight, you can see school employees getting involved to stop it. At one point one of the students, a 15-year-old, passed out.

Yalonda Nesmith is the mother of the girl. “I received a phone call, but I was at work. I received a phone call and they let me know that my daughter was in a fight at school.”
She said this call was not from the school. The caller said her daughter had passed out after being in a chokehold.

About 15 minutes later, she spoke to the man in the video by phone. “I heard that your choke my daughter, she passed out. He said oh no, oh no I didn’t. I restrain her from the waist.”

Someone nearby happened to record video on their camera. “From what I saw on the video, the video itself it speaks for itself.”

Nesmith hired attorney Ben Moore to help determine what to do. He suggested she contact law enforcement. “A tremendous officer by the name of Robert Lee, he has been very wonderful during this whole situation.”

She said officer Lee took the case to a magistrate judge to ask for an arrest warrant, but the magistrate refused to sign off on the arrest warrant.

The Williamsburg County School District sent us a statement. “We have several programs in place to assist our students in resolving conflicts without physical contact… The district is investigating this incident and working cooperatively with local authorities.”

Nesmith said her attorney is now suggesting that she ask South Carolina’s State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) to investigate the incident. She plans to contact them soon.

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