Confederate Flag vote could impact candidates in election

The Confederate flag flies for its final night Thursday.

SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – Election season can get ugly. However, one Spartanburg County candidate says her opponent put her life in danger, and the way she voted last summer on taking down the Confederate Flag from the South Carolina Statehouse grounds is at the center of the issue.

Representative Donna Hicks says her opponent put a video of her talking about taking down the Confederate Flag with members of the NAACP on some heritage and white supremacists websites.

“It was very inciting, and it concerned me when I saw this post, and then I started getting some messaging on my Facebook page,” Hicks said.

She asked the Spartanburg County Sheriff to provide security at her campaign events just in case.

However, her opponent, Steven Long, said he wasn’t trying to put her in danger. He said some of his friends in the Southern Heritage community asked where his opponent stood on the issue and asked for her contact information, so he provided it.

He released a statement saying: “Everyone in the Southern Heritage community that I’ve ever dealt with have been passionate but also very nice. When you insult them as she has, they’ll get a little upset, but to think they would turn violent would be delusional and only further insult them.”

Some voters said the flag issue won’t affect the way they vote in the election, but some do say they will consider it.

Hicks said she did what she felt was right.

“I stand by the vote that I took,” Hicks said. “I’m proud that I took that vote.”

But, the way lawmakers voted when it came to taking down the flag could impact them come this election.

“The group that is upset is a small group, but with a very loud voice, and I’m afraid it can be a dangerous group,” Hicks said.

Tuesday is “Confederate Memorial Day” in South and North Carolina.

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