DSS: No way to verify future drug tests in cases

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WSPA) – DSS and SLED are currently investigating the actions of their testing company Accurate Diagnostics of Laurens County.

DSS says from January to October of 2015, at least 30 drug tests were not sent to the 3rd party testing company, but sent to DSS as false results.

DSS says in almost all of these cases there was a positive urine drug sample as well.

DSS says that they believe this is the action of one person at that location.

They ceased using Accurate Diagnostics of Laurens County in October of 2015 as soon as they learned of the alleged activity.

We wanted to know what safeguards in place in prevent this from happening.

DSS says they rely on their testing companies they have contracts with to create accurate test results, and that they do not verify them once they are received by DSS.

DSS is now reviewing all the cases affected by this issue and will soon be reviewing them in front of a judge.

One mother has filed a lawsuit directly related to this issue.

READ: Kids taken away after DSS drug results possibly falsified

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