Cyber-bullying targets Clinton Middle School student

CLINTON, S.C. (WSPA) –  Bullying in schools has always been an issue. However, with more cell phones and increased social media use, it’s gotten worse.

Sixth grader, Shamyah Booker was eating lunch last week at Clinton Middle School when she became the center of a mean joke.

“Her sitting there eating a banana at lunch with her back turned not knowing ,” her grandmother, Rosa Booker said.

She said that’s when a classmate took a Snapchat her granddaughter and added a suggestive message to it.

“I don’t think that’s cool at all… She tries to feel good about herself, but every time you turn around she’s being knocked down,” Booker said.

Shamyah said she had no idea what had been put on Snapchat just that people were walking around laughing at her. It wasn’t until later she found out what it was, but that was after she said it had already been sent out to multiple people. Some students did go and tell teachers what happened.

Booker said this wasn’t the first time she had been bullied. She also said the student responsible had cyber bullied another classmate recently.

Laurens School District 56 Superintendent said with all of the technology use in school, it gets hard to monitor cyber bullying, but they do rely heavily on students speaking up against it.

The district does have an anti-bullying policy that prohibits students using a cell phone to record.

The superintendent said in this case it was clear the student broke the rule and the situation was dealt with appropriately and quickly.

However, for the Bookers, they want more to be done, so the cycle doesn’t continue.

“I would like to see heightened awareness so people know it’s not OK to bully other students,” Booker said.

Several Upstate districts about their cyber bullying policy. Laurens District 55 district said they have internet safety training tailored to their elementary, middle, and high school students.

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