Detours in place at I-85/I-385 interchange

From: Google Maps

GREENVILLE, SC (WSPA) – Two detours are being put into place Wednesday night at the Interstate 85 / 385 interchange.

The southbound I-85 collector/distributor lanes at Exit 51 will detour drivers trying to access I-385 south or Woodruff Road north on I-385 then to the Roper Mountain Road exit where they will get back on I-385 south to access Woodruff Road or I-385 southbound.

A second detour will be in place at exit 36B on I-385 north. Drivers will be directed to take the same Roper Mountain Road detour in order for drivers to get to I-85 south.

The detours are only in place for Wednesday night traffic will be back to normal patterns on Thursday.

The detours are part of construction for the 85-385 Gateway Project.

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