No cause of death determined from Nicole Goodlett’s remains

The Berkeley County Coroner reports that the forensic anthropologist examining Nicole Goodlett’s remains, cannot determine a cause of death from the bones recovered.

Goodlett was reported missing in March of 2014 from a rental home on Loblolly Lane in Spartanburg County that her boyfriend Jerald Howard was paying for.

Goodlett’s skull was found by a teenager behind Cainhoy Elementary School in Huger in Berkeley County in November 2015. Over half of her skeleton was then found during a search in that area in May.

Howard remains deputies prime suspect in the investigation. Huger is his hometown.

No trauma was found on the skull and the anthropologist says he cannot determine a cause of death from the remaining bones they found.

Howard interviewed exclusively with 7News. You can watch that interview here: Prime Suspect wants be cleared

Nicole Goodlett’s father traveled to Spartanburg from Texas to plead for the public’s help in this investigation. To watch his interview, click here: Father Pleads for help


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