Teen beaten in Upstate DJJ camp, 8 to face charges


Eight people will face charges after a teen was beaten in an Upstate Department of Juvenile Justice camp.

In early April, a teen escaped Camp White Pines in Union County and ran across the street to a neighbor’s yard. An incident report says that other teens from the camp punched and beat the teen before dragging him back into the camp.

The teen’s mother told 7News that the camp waited over 12 hours before seeking medical attention for her son. He had a concussion, a broken nose, and popped blood vessels.

The camp never notified DJJ about the incident, the only way investigators found out was after Sheriff David Taylor called them about the incident.

That call launched a month long investigation, that will yield charges on 4 teens who were involved in the assault and 4 counselors. 2 counselors will be charged with Assault and Battery and 2 will be charged with Obstruction of Justice, for not telling DJJ about the incident.

This investigation will also spur changes for all DJJ camps state wide. DJJ Director Slyvia Murray told 7News in April they would be evaluating all contracts with their camp owners that are non-profit and private companies.

All employees in these camps are hired by the private organizations and they are not DJJ employees.

DJJ Inspector General Freddie Pough says that they will now be working closely with these providers to be involved in policy and procedures. They hope this incident will set a precedent for the entire state, that if procedures are not followed, there will be consequences.

Warrants on these 8 people are expected to be signed soon.

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