Mom takes selfie in wrong dorm room

OGAN, UT. (WFLA) – A mother trying to surprise her daughter at school went hilariously wrong.

Deanna Pilling had traveled to Utah State University from New York to help her daughter, 18-year old McKenna, pack up her dorm room for the summer.

McKenna said her mother attempted to surprise her in her dorm room but instead walked in the wrong dorm room.

“I was just standing there thinking wow, she really cleaned up a lot. And oh no, I couldn’t just do that or sit on a chair or wait,”  Deanna Pilling told CNN affiliate WCBS. “I just hopped on the bed, laid down took a selfie: ‘Look where I am! Surprise!”

The selfie novice took a picture of herself laying on the bed, texted the picture to her daughter and then the embarrassing realization — not only was she in the wrong room, but she was on the wrong floor.

“She just waited there for five minutes and decided to send me a funny picture and it ended up not being my dorm. I just immediately started laughing,” McKenna Pilling toldKSTU. 

Her mother said she immediately felt sick after she learned the news.

McKenna told the station the room her mother took the photo in was a friend’s room in the same building. As for that friend, “she didn’t find out until today, actually. She commented on it [the picture] and was like, ‘Is that my pillow?’ And so we never told her.”

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