Mother says son humiliated by Upstate teacher


An Upstate mother says her son was humiliated by his teacher at the Donaldson Career Center in Greenville County.

Sherri Jackson says her son told her when he didn’t clean up his area right away at a culinary class, a teacher threw a plate on the floor and told him to clean it up.

Jackson says this publicly humiliated her son.  The teacher did call the mom and apologize.

Greenville County Schools released the following statement:

“Greenville County Schools has conducted a thorough review into an incident that occurred at Donaldson Career Center on Tuesday, May 10.   The incident involved a teacher exercising poor judgment while trying to make a point.  The teacher was attempting to illustrate to a student the importance of following instructions and cleaning up classwork work areas.  The illustration, which involved the teacher creating more debris so the student could then clean that area, was not appropriate.  The teacher never intended to humiliate a child.  She regrets her actions.”

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