Police response to weed tweet goes viral

Credit: WFLA

SARASOTA, FL (WFLA) – Earlier this week, Twitter user @preznixon16 wrote- ‘WHOS IN SARASOTA FLORIDA AND HAS WEED.’

The Sarasota Police Department happened to see the message and responded: ‘If you’d like to stop by our HQs, our Narcotics Detectives would be more than happy to talk.’

Sarasota Police spokeswoman Genevieve Judge wrote the tweet. She regularly updates the social media to release crime information, crime prevention tips or to see what’s happening in the community.

She said, “This one popped up on our radar and I happened to be with our Chief and Deputy Chief and we thought, ‘You know, that deserves a response.’”

Judge added, “We felt like we should respond and remind them that if you’re looking for weed in Sarasota, you might want to look elsewhere.”

Recreational marijuana use is illegal in Florida.

That Twitter exchange has now gone viral. It’s been covered around the world: in Mashable, The Mirror in the UK, and even in the India Times.

“We didn’t expect the response, we definitely didn’t expect it to go viral,” said Judge. “It’s amazing to us to show the reach that social media has but we hope this has a lasting impact.”

The Twitter user, who claims to be from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is taking it in stride. She retweeted the message from the Sarasota police and later wrote on Twitter that she did not get any weed.

She told News Channel 8 in a message: ‘I think it’s crazy…how something so irrelevant and unharming became so big.’

She also wrote a statement on Twitter saying: ‘My tweet does have a good message. There needs to be more weed in Florida. That [expletive] shouldn’t even be illegal.’

Judge hopes the Sarasota community sees this story as evidence that the police department is committed to getting involved and staying on top of technology.

“We’re here to communicate with our community and ultimately make it a safer place,” said Judge.

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