2 fires in a week on same property in Anderson possibly arson



Anderson County firefighters are investigating two fires in one week at the same house that they believe could be the work of an arsonist.

The house on Keys Street in Homeland park was engulfed by flames Tuesday morning. Just last week, the shed behind the home was also burned down.

“I heard a loud crack and I thought someone was breaking into a house,” Bree Hall, a neighbor, said. “In the front of the house where the porch was, there was dry wood and it just flamed and went up real quick.”

It took several firefighters from Homeland Park and Flat Rock- Bowen fire departments to put out the flames.

“It was bigger flames,” David Lewis said. “When I got here firefighters about had it all put out but I mean it was still flaming up.”

Firefighters say there was no running electricity to the home but they believe someone was living inside. As many as four people could have been inside the home when the fire started, according to the fire chief.

During the investigation into the fire that destroyed the shed, firefighters say witnesses told them a man in a mask warned the people inside that the home would be burned down.  

Investigators say while they are investigating both fires as arson, they are still looking into all allegations.

Both fires remain under investigation.

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