Tire recycling site violates DHEC permit by 60K in Anderson Co.

People who live near a tire recycling company in Anderson County are alarmed because of a heap of tires at Viva Recycling.

DHEC says the site is more than 60,000 tires over the limit permitted by the state.

Neighbors say they are concerned about mosquitoes and fire hazards, but the company continues to take in new tires despite a cease and desist order.

This site is permitted by the state to have no more than 4,000 tires on it at any given time. Right now the owner admits, there are more than 60,000.

While there, 7News saw a truck bringing in 500 more tires, even though the Department of Health and Environmental Control told Viva to stop taking new tires months ago.

We asked Viva Recycling CEO Marty Sergi why they were able to take more tires after the January 8th cease and desist order.

“Because they asked us to take 30,000 tires off and we did. And now we’re just taking in what we’re, so we can continue to remove the piles,” says Sergi.

Doug Proctor, the former owner of Anderson Tire Recycling, still owns the land Viva sits on, and is disturbed by what he sees.

Proctor says Viva has been dumping tires on adjacent land without a required permit.

He filed his own motion to stop Viva from taking in more tires and hundreds of nearby homeowners have signed a petition, concerned about mosquito born disease and fire hazard.

“Environmental Disaster, is what I see it as if it were to catch on fire because we have homes and businesses within just a couple hundred yards,” said Walter Lanier, with the Homeland Park Community Watch.

DHEC told us this week Viva has “not complied” with its requirements and should not be taking in more tires. The agency also confirmed “Viva is not allowed to use the adjacent land to process or hold tires.”

Sergi says the company’s mission is to try to recycle these tires and that’s what they will do. “Everyone should feel comfortable, we will recycle these tires,” added Sergi.

Viva also has a tire recycling site in Monks Corner. DHEC says it is also over permit and has filed suit telling Viva to stop taking in more tires at that site as well.

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