Officer never called in search for gun at Boiling Springs High

Noah Bailey
Noah Bailey

An incident report shows school resource officers were never called to assist in a search for a gun inside a student’s car at Boiling Springs High School on Friday.

Two assistant principals acted on a tip they received, taking 18-year-old Noah Bailey to his car, to search it.

The principals found the gun, and took Bailey back to the office, still never calling an officer for assistance.

Bailey was suspended for 10 days, his mom was called and he was sent home, still an officer never being notified.

Only after Bailey was sent home did the school resource officer find out about what happened. Charges were discussed and deputies went to obtain a warrant.

Spartanburg District 2 sent out an alert to parents about what happened, stating the student had been arrested, but Bailey was not in custody at that time.

We asked the district how they kept students safe when an officer was never present, they stated that there was never a threat to the school and that the student was compliant the whole time.

The district says they will be reviewing the incident and seeing if there are any procedure changes to make for the future.

As of now, the two assistant principals have not been disciplined for the incident.

Bailey was charged with bringing a weapon on school grounds.

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