Teen charged in sex assault, Riverside MS students had video of it

Deputies say the case is related to the child porn investigation at Riverside Middle School.

A 14-year-old has been charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Minor 2nd Degree after a sex assault, according to Greenville Sheriff’s Office.

The suspect is a student at Ralph Chandler Middle School student.

When the student is released from juvenile detention, Greenville County Schools will proceed with disciplinary measures which could include a recommendation for expulsion.

Police say the case is related to the child porn investigation at Riverside Middle School.

READ: Child porn charges for 4 Riverside Middle school girls

4 girls were charged with disturbing school and possession of child porn.

Greer Police say an intoxicated girl was sexually assaulted at a home in Simpsonville over the weekend.

The sexual assault victim was a Riverside High student. The incident was streamed over FaceTime with another person and that was recorded.

The 4 girls had the video on their phones.

Police say the video was spread through text message.

Brotherton said the students have been suspended and recommended for expulsion from the school.

Police say that 10 cell phones were seized for forensic tests.

They’ve also taken statements from 60 students at Riverside middle.

Greenville County Schools issued a statement about the incident:

Four students from Riverside Middle School have been charged by Greer Police with Possession of Child Pornography. The four students have been suspended and will be recommended for expulsion.

According to the Greer Police report, an alleged sexual assault occurred on Saturday, May 14th at a private residence in Greenville County. A FaceTime call was made from the residence by several students. The student who received the call recorded it and later sent the video to others.

On Monday May 16th, some students at Riverside Middle began showing the video to other students. One student saw the video and reported it to a school official.

The parents of any students who we are aware were directly exposed to the images or video have been contacted, and those students have received counseling and support from our school counselors and staff. Support services will continue to be available to any students who indicate they have a need.

This is a difficult and complex issue for our school community to process. We encourage parents to discuss with their children the importance of internet safety.

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