Sketch of murder suspect in Pelzer quadruple shooting

Greenville Co. Sheriff’s Office has released a sketch of one of the suspects in a Pelzer quadruple shooting.

One person died and three others were hurt on Eastview Road after 4 p.m. on May 17.

The sheriff says the victim who died was found in the front yard of the house and that the shooting happened both inside and outside of the house.

Lenny Southerland was sitting inside his Eastview Road home April 17 when he says he heard gunshots.

He ran outside with his gun pointed and says the gunman spotted him before opening fire on Southerland.

“My gun jammed and he heard me behind him and he spun around and just unloaded on me,” says Southerland.

He was shot twice.

Zachery Whitley, 31, died at the scene.

Southerland, his son, and his son’s friend were all taken to the hospital for treatment for their wounds.

Southerland says he believes his son and the gunman know each other.

His son is still in the hospital and the gunman remains at large.


1. Skinny male, 5’05”- 5’07” – 120-130 lbs. Skinny face with bags under his eyes. 22-23 years old. Jeans and black cutoff t-shirt

2. Male, 5’10” – 5’11”, Long dreadlock style hair (dyed blonde) – 160-10 lbs. Wearing bright green and yellow Bob Marley jacket.

3. Male, 6’00” – 6’01”, wewaring a white hate and white shirt, possibly dread lock style hair.


Silver Toyota 4-door vehicle – no damage or paint blemishes
Mid-late 2000s
Tinted windows
Driven by heavy-set woman with short hair.

If you have any information call CRIMESTOPPERS at 23-CRIME.

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