Kindergartner brings bubble gun to school, gets suspended

BRIGHTON, CO (WCMH) — A 5-year-old girl has been suspended from her Colorado school after she brought a bubble gun to her kindergarten class.

The girl’s mother told KDVR, she was shocked when the school called her and said she needed to pick up her daughter.

“If they had contacted me and said can you make sure this doesn’t happen again, we just want you to be aware, I think that would have been a more appropriate way to handle the situation. Could we have a warning? It blows bubbles,” said the mother who goes by Emma.

Emma says she understands the policy, and she would never have let her daughter take the toy to school, but she thinks the school should show common sense in enforcing the suspension.

“I don’t want her to miss out on class. That’s a silly reason not to go to school. What bugs me is this is going to be something they can refer to if we have any issues in the future which I don’t foresee, but it’s always going to be lingering there in her school file,” she told KDVR.

The school says the toy gun was a safety concern and a classroom distraction.

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