Stand your ground: who it protects

Standing on Uncertain Ground
Standing on Uncertain Ground

Leandus Pickens was shot and killed by Marcus Brown in April of 2014 in Anderson County.

911 tapes revealed that Brown first called 911 around 2:30 in the morning claiming that someone was banging on his door and that his camera system couldn’t pick up who it was.

A few minutes later Brown called 911 again, saying that he had shot the person who had broken in to his home. When a 911 operator asked if Brown knew him, he said yes.

The 10th Circuit Solicitor’s Office and the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office continued to investigate the shooting and a year and half ruled that the Solicitor would not be filing charges. Solicitor Chrissy Adams claimed that Brown was protected under the Stand Your Ground defense.

Stand Your Ground in South Carolina is known as the Protection of Persons and Property Act, it was put into law in 2006. It protects you inside your home, business, and vehicle if you feel you’re being threatened.

If a solicitor decides that a person is protected under Stand Your Ground, it ends the criminal investigation. There are no checks in place for a victim’s family to dispute that claim.

If a case is not clear cut, a solicitor can decide to have a circuit court judge review the evidence and decide. There is no recourse on the solicitor’s office if a judge rules against charging someone.

To take a deeper look at the Pickens/Brown case, 7News dug through the entire case file at the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office.

In it were phone logs that showed almost 3 dozen texts between Pickens and Brown on the day of the shooting. Pickens also called Brown 4 times just minutes before the shooting was reported.

Pickens’ family is currently suing Brown for wrongful death. That case is still in litigation.

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