Baby fell out of moving getaway car after suspected robbery, say police

KANSAS CITY, MO (WFLA) – A woman suspected of robbing a Target in Kansas City stayed in a car speeding off when her child and another suspect fell out of the vehicle, according to witnesses and local police.

CNN reported that Kansas City Police arrested the suspected shoplifter. They said that she and another woman tried to rob a Target in the city. Witnesses said that the suspects ran out of the store with their arms full of clothing and got in a waiting car. The car sped away and took a quick left turn.

The witnesses said that the back door of the car flew open and a baby and one of the suspected shoplifters fell out. The driver and the mother of the child kept going, according to CNN.

“I think about 4 months old,” Steven Duke, one of the witnesses, said about the baby. “Obviously not strapped into a car seat. She probably rolled 30 feet.”

Duke, a former police officer, stopped the suspect who tried to run away with the baby. The baby was lethargic and had a cut to her head and scrapes all over her. She was covered in urine. She wasn’t crying.

Her mother finally came back demanding to see the baby. Instead, she was arrested together with the other suspects. The baby was taken to a hospital in serious condition.

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