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// ]]>//, S.C. (Clemson SID) – The 2016 ACC Tournament Champion Clemson Tigers were one of 16 programs selected to host an NCAA Regional for the 70th-annual Division I Baseball Championship, announced Sunday night by the NCAA. The regional will begin at Doug Kingsmore Stadium on Friday.

Clemson is the No. 1 seed, while No. 2 seed Oklahoma State, No. 3 seed Nebraska and No. 4 seed Western Carolina round out the regional. Game times are noon and 7 p.m., on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and 7 p.m. for the if-necessary game on Monday. The Tigers are also the No. 7 national seed, their fourth national seed i

n history and first since 2006.

Clemson was one of six ACC schools chosen to host a regional, joining Florida State, Louisville, Miami (Fla.), NC State and Virginia. Other host schools include Florida, Louisiana-Lafayette, Louisiana State, Mississippi, Mississippi State, South Carolina, TCU, Texas A&M, Texas Tech and Vanderbilt. The ACC also had 10 teams selected to the field, tying an NCAA record.

This will be the 14th time since 1980 that Clemson hosts a regional and the first time since 2011. The Tigers will be making their 29th NCAA Tournament in the last 30 years and eighth in a row. In 2016, Clemson has a 42-18 record with nine consecutive wins.

Fans can visit the Clemson athletic ticket lffice online portal HERE for tickets.

• All-games ticket – $60 (Games 1-6 and a potential Game 7)
• Single-game adult ticket – $15
• Single-game youth ticket – $10
• Single-game student ticket – $5 (includes participating institutions’ students)
• Single-game general admission ticket – $10 (only available if all reserved seats sell out)

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