Summer is a dangerous time for teen drivers

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – If you have a teenage driver in the family, you going to want to want to hear this: the three months from Memorial Day to Labor Day are known as the 100 deadliest days for teen drivers. AAA says deadly car crashes involving teenagers normally increase more than 40 percent during that time.

Teens are out of school, taking longer trips, and dealing with more distractions during the summer. That could include anything from cell phone use to having other passengers in the car.

Summertime may also mean more drunk drivers on the road. AAA says a teenager’s chance of getting into a deadly crash doubles at night. “I think it’s a matter of when people are mostly getting out of drinking times, happy hours, bars,” Alex Paradiso of Chicago said. “That’s the biggest contributor, I think.”

AAA says the best way to keep your teen safe on the roads is by watching them drive, and reminding them what to watch out for, and what to do—and not do—in dangerous conditions.

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