Teen skips out on graduation party; Miss Manners blasts parents and high schooler

It’s graduation time and even Miss Manners is weighing in.  According to the Huffington Post, the syndicated advice columnist is getting a lot of reaction on social media for her response to a teen and her parents after the high schooler skipped her own graduation party.

The parents wrote a letter to Miss Manners saying that their daughter was uncomfortable with parties, but promised she would be okay with a small gathering of family and friends to celebrate her graduation.  The parents say she skipped out suddenly and now they want to know if they need to return all of the gifts.

Miss Manners called the teen “thoroughly rude and callous.”  Not only did she advise the parents to return the gifts, she told them they had to take responsibility as well.  Miss Manners told the parents they had a duty to teach her manners and consideration for others and questioned why they ever considered throwing a party “for someone who hates parties.”

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