Man says shooting was self-defense in Greenville Co.

A Berea man admitted to shooting and killing another man in self-defense Thursday night.

GREENVILLE, SC (WSPA)– A Berea man admitted to shooting and killing another man in self-defense Thursday night.

The shooter, Joe Vermillion, says 34-year-old David Ryan Galloway had been living in his house for the past month and that he was a friend’s son.

“I was trying to help him out and get his life straightened out, but it backfired on me.”

Vermillion says Galloway attacked him with an aluminum bat Thursday evening, leaving bruises all over including his body and head—a dangerous situation considering Vermillion’s medical history.

“When you have an aneurysm, you surely don’t want to be hit in the head again. He was mad, that’s all there was to it, he flipped his noodle and the next thing I knew, I was in a fight for my life.”

He’s says it was about survival and made a run for the shotgun in the garage.

“I was on the other side of the van and he charged at me and when he did I just didn’t have an alternative, I wasn’t going to let him hit me again.”

Vermillion says he’s been friends with Galloway’s mother since he was a teenager and hopes someday she can forgive him for killing her son.

“I’d like for her to know that I love her. And I’m very, very sorry.  I wish there had been another way to handle it, but there wasn’t.”

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