Murdered wife was Voodoo priestess, CT man tells police

NORWICH, Conn. (WTNH) — 39-year-old Patrick Antoine walked into Norwich Superior Court a day after police say he walked into the Norwich police department and told officers “I killed my wife.”

Information in court papers reveal his clothes were covered in blood and when he picked up the telephone in the police station lobby he told a dispatcher “I’m here.” “My wife is dead.”

Margarette Mady, who was pregnant, was found in the burned out bedroom inside the second floor apartment they shared on Franklin Street.

Photo: WTNH/Tina Detelj
Photo: WTNH/Tina Detelj
Police say she was found severely burned and was stabbed several times.

“I don’t know how that happened,” says Ilorsaint Vital who told News8 Margarette was like a daughter to him.

“But I’m not even sleeping because I have daughter…. as if something happened to my daughter,” says Vital. “Margarette called me daddy daddy daddy my dad.”

Margarette’s son was escorted from the court by court officers. She also has a grown daughter.

Her uncle Sterne Baptiste who owned the multi-family home where the couple lived said Antoine had been violent before.

“He’s always been,” says Baptiste. “He’s always been. They lived together.”

Baptiste lives upstairs from the couple.

In addition to the disturbing scenes inside the bedroom and bathroom, which were set on fire is a picture of the couple in the living room during much happier times.

Photo: WTNH/Tina Detelj
Photo: WTNH/Tina Detelj
“Very sad because my niece never get in trouble,” says Baptiste. “She good person. Always respect for me.”

According to court papers, Antoine told police he and his wife had argued Thursday morning and he believed she was a Voodoo Priestess, who has cast several spells on him over the past couple of years, making him deathly ill. He said he believed she was going to kill him.

“That’s sad, very sad,” says a family friend who stopped by the Norwich apartment.

Antoine was ordered held on $2 million bond.

His case was moved to Part A in New London where he is scheduled to appear again June 20th.

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