Owners talk about car crashing into Gaffney restaurant

From: Steve Murray / Facebook

GAFFNEY, S.C. (WSPA) – A car crashed into a Gaffney restaurant Thursday evening sending five people to the hospital – two had to be air-lifted. It happened at “Varsity Square Wings and Grill” off Hyatt Street.

The staff was cleaning up earlier than usual after a car crashed into the restaurant around 6:45 p.m. Owner Mickey Wright was working at the grill when it happened.

“My backs turned to it and all of a sudden I hear a loud boom and people screaming. I turned around and there’s a car sitting right in the middle of the dining room,” he recalled.

There were about 20 customers inside at the time, including Alicia Tate and her son standing near the counter.

“I turned my head and by that time tables were flying. Tables and everything was sliding,” she said. “I just jumped in, open the door and got the child out and the lady kept saying help me and she still had the car in drive so I put the car in park.”

There were two firemen who just happened to be inside to also help people who were hurt.

“There was an older couple sitting at the very end. The car pinned them against the wall,” said Wright.

“The fire department, they eat here all the time and thank God they were here and they rescued and they were able to help,” said Kim Wright.

It’s an experience these restaurant owners never thought they’d see firsthand.

“It was really rough to see that. To see the fear in their eyes – it was heartbreaking for me,” said Kim Wright.

Still,  they say this accident will not deter them from continuing to serve customers

“This is probably just going to make us stronger,” she said.

There’s still no word on the condition of the people taken to the hospital. Mickey and Kim say they’re actually working to get place back open as soon as Friday.

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