Governor signs bill accepting G.A. CWP gun licenses in S.C.


GREENVILLE S.C. (WSPA) – Lawmakers passed a bill this week that recognizes Georgia’s CWP licenses in South Carolina. Governor Nikki Haley signed the bill Friday.

The bill allows Georgia gun owners with CWP licenses to be able to carry their concealed weapons across state lines without a South Carolina a license, under certain circumstances.

If approved in Georgia, the new bill would make the neighboring state the 22nd state on South Carolina’s reciprocity list.

Training requirements for the licenses vary in each state. In Georgia, only a background check is required without minimal training. While some say this is a victory for gun owners, others say they’re worried Georgia CWP carriers won’t have enough training.

“It is just like, okay you satisfied South Carolina requirements to get a driver license. People in Georgia satisfy Georgia to get a driver license and they still drive in South Carolina,” said Jim Braziel, the General Manager at Sharp Shooters in Greenville. “So one state should not dictate to the other that we won’t reciprocate with you unless you meet our training. So if it satisfies that state, then it should satisfy us.”

A similar bill that would have allowed almost anyone to carry a concealed gun in South Carolina died in the Senate Subcommittee this year. It would have allowed anyone who legally owns a gun to carry it concealed without needing a concealed weapons permit. Senators worried about removing the requirements for background checks and training.

“They have much weaker gun laws and that would allow dangerous people to carry hidden loaded guns around and will have a negative effect on public safety,” opposed Craig Stine, a Moms Demand Action volunteer, who’s against gun violence.

North Carolina and Tennessee are also on the South Carolina CWP license reciprocity list.

For that list and more information on South Carolina CWP requirements, click HERE.

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