Woman tried to strangle self with bra say deputies

Christy Lynn Kelley, 31
Christy Lynn Kelley, 31

Spartanburg deputies say an intoxicated woman tried to strangle herself with a bra saying she would rather kill herself than go to jail.

It all started Sunday night around 6:45.

Deputies say they got a call of a suspicious person on Riverrun Dr.

When they got there they saw an “extremely unsteady” Christy Lynn Kelley, 31, walking up the street and falling down several times.

They say Kelley told them she had been staying at a home on Riverrun with friends.

She says they assaulted her and took a blow torch to her leg. They say she did have burns, but refused to have EMS look at her.

She told deputies that the home was under foreclosure and the occupants were living there without power.

She also told them the people were cooking meth in the basement.

Deputies talked to the people in the home and they said Kelley had been staying at the place, because she didn’t have anywhere else to go.

They say Kelley had taken Klonopin (an anti-seizure, anti-anxiety drug), and became enraged and attacked them.

Kelly took household cleaners and threw them around the house, according to the woman in the house.

She also say the burns to Kelley’s legs were self-inflicted.

The man in the house said that Kelley got mad because he wouldn’t date her or have sex with her.

Deputies arrested and handcuffed Kelley and began to escort her to the vehicle when she tried to pull away from them several times.

Deputies say Kelley was put in the backseat and was able to get her hands, which were cuffed behind her back, in front of her.

She took the strap of her bra and wrapped it around her neck in an attempt to strangle herself, according to deputies.

She told deputies that she would rather kill herself than go to jail.

They were able to restrain her, but they say she was extremely belligerent.

At one point they say she tried to remove her clothing and continually banged her head against the partition between the front and back seats of the patrol car, according to deputies.

She was issued a ticket for public disorderly conduct.

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