Greenville deputy accused of failing to help severely injured dog

GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. – It’s an image David Seeger will never forget – finding a dog he says was suffering.

“That broke my heart Monday morning,” he said. “He couldn’t move because of his back being crushed. He had maggots on his rear end.” The animal rescue volunteer says thinking the dog was dumped there; he put him in his car. “We went to two vets, had both check him out. He was humanely put down.”

dog 2Seeger says a Greenville County Sheriff’s deputy saw that same dog the night before.

“A complainant called at about 9’Oclock Sunday night and I know the Sheriff’s Office responded and unfortunately didn’t call animal control,” said Seeger.

Upstate Animal Rescue Foundation of South Carolina contacted Seeger to check on the dog Monday morning, after the group had also been contacted about it the night before.  “He was laid down. He couldn’t get up whatsoever,” said Seeger. Now the sheriff’s office is investigating a complaint about the incident.

“I wish he [deputy] would’ve called animal control to start with,” said Seeger. “I don’t think the [dog’s] outcome would’ve been different. It He wouldn’t have stayed out here through a thunderstorm and been soaking wet for another 12 hours on top of the time he’d already spent out here.” He just hopes this dog’s story can help prevent another one like it.

The sheriff’s office tells us the complaint has been turned over to its office of professional standards for investigation.

UARSC has also been trying to find out who owned the dog, and caused it to end up its condition.

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