CPR kits help train people at home

GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – There’s a push to make sure more people are trained and ready to give CPR.

The American Heart Association has developed the “CPR Anytime” kits for people to learn CPR at home, and other training kits that can be used in schools.

To find out more about the “CPR Anytime” kits, click here.

Meredyth Boaz, Director of Development for Upstate Heart Walk, says with the new law in South Carolina requiring CPR training for students they are hoping to partner with local businesses to put similar kits in more classrooms.

“It really allows us to get this skill out there and it allows us to have people who realize you know they can recognize cardiac events they can know what to do,” Boaz explained.

“It puts an army of lifesavers out in our streets and for everyone who graduates to know how to do this, it’s a game-changer,” said Emily Dymski, Director for the Heart Walk.

Experts say this time of year is a good time to get your family prepared in case an emergency happens during summer vacation.

7 News talked with Christina Freeman, the Chest Pain Center Coordinator at Greenville Health System, about the importance of learning CPR.

“It’s important to get some circulation going, to restore blood flow to the heart, the brain and the vital organs,” Freeman explained while demonstrating the chest compressions. “You can double or even triple your family or friend’s chance of survival if you will start hands-only CPR before the EMS company gets there.”

CPR kits help train people at home


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