Greer man gets wrong lottery ticket by mistake, wins $1 million

Powerball ticket

COLUMBIA (WSPA)  A Greer man who gave cash to a woman in need outside a store – and was mistakenly given a Powerball ticket instead of one for Mega Millions – won one million dollars.

The unidentified man won the million dollars after buying the ticket at a Quik Trip store on Woodruff Road in Greenville in late May.

He says he went into the store to buy a bottle of water and a lottery ticket. He says he asked the clerk for a Mega Millions ticket, but was mistakenly given one for Powerball by the clerk.

As he left, the man tells S.C. Education Lottery officials he gave his leftover cash to a woman who was outside the store.

That ticket for the May 28 drawing hit enough numbers to win a one million dollar prize, but the man didn’t check his Powerball ticket until he saw in local media that a winning ticket had been sold at that location.

“Right then, I knew I won it,” said the man according to a lottery spokesperson.

The winner says he isn’t going to retire, but added “our kids will go wherever they want to college.

The odds of winning a million dollars at Powerball are about one in 11.6 million.

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