Active shooter training in Spartanburg: Inside Look

Active Shooter Training
Active Shooter Training

Spartanburg County Deputies participated in their annual department wide training, and for the first time our cameras were allowed inside.

Oh no! They got her! (She was fine!)
“Oh no! They got her!” (She was fine!)

Deputies took 7News Brianna Smith alongside the training exercise, preparing for an active shooter.  Deputies are given training guns with paint bullets inside, actors are made into bad guys or hostages, and split second decisions are forced to be made.

“We want to expose these deputies to a heightened level of stress, help them better understand the amount of time they have to make a decision,” said training deputy Billy Hopkins.

The heightened stress situation makes deputies think differently, and if they can do it in a training situation, it better prepares them for what happens on the road everyday.

The entire department, nearly 200 people are trained during this week-long event. Each year the training differs and new situations are introduced.

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