VIDEO: Shots fired at Dallas Love Field

DALLAS, Texas (KXAN) — Shots reportedly fired at Dallas Love Field in Instagram video uploaded Friday afternoon.

The flashy films Instagram video shows a man with a gun in the baggage claim area. According to KXAS, an officer drew a gun on a person he told to stay down. Nine gunshots can be heard in the video.

What led to the shooting:

  • Domestic disturbance between a woman and a man believed to be her children’s father around 12 p.m. local time
  • Man was using a rock to attack the woman
  • An officer intervened and was rushed by the man with the rock
  • Officer opened fire, hitting the man
  • No condition of the man; He was conscious when he was transported from the scene
  • Only one officer was involved, he’ll be placed on routine administrative leave
  • Unsure how many shots were fired
  • Unsure why the man and woman were at Love Field; it’s not believed the children were present

What’s going on at the airport:

  • Some people were startled by the shooting and went through the security lines without being screened
  • Because of that, the airport has pulled everyone out and is having everyone re-screened
  • The airport is not shutdown
  • The baggage area is shutdown; Police unsure when it will reopen
  • Travelers going to Dallas Love Field should give themselves “a lot of time”

WARNING: Graphic Images

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