2 teens arrested in Greenville Co. cemetery murder

Two 15-year-old boys have been arrested and charged with murder in connection with Mt. Pleasant cemetery murder.

Their names will not be released because of their age.

The body of 42-year-old Demetrius Lamon Jones was found in the cemetery off of South Fairfield Rd. and Paper Mill Rd. in Greenville Co.

Deputies say he died from a gunshot wound to the chest around 1 a.m. on May 31.

Police say the 911 call came in around 10:30 a.m. when the body was discovered.

Friends say Jones was a happy person and can’t understand why someone would want to kill him.

“No one deserves to take anyone’s life, because you can’t give a life back.  I want whoever the killer or killers, whoever did this, to turn themselves in so the family can be at peace,” says Rickey Webb, Jones’ childhood friend.

Investigators ask anyone with information regarding this incident to contact Crime Stoppers at 23-CRIME.


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