Gang prevention camp named in Ofc. Jacobs’ honor begins Monday

GREENVILLE, SC (WSPA)- The Officer Allen Jacobs Gang Resistance Camp kicks off Monday at Sterling elementary.

The camp was named after the fallen officer because he would have been the lead counselor here.

Police say violent crime in youth has gone up the past couple years and they are seeing more neighborhood gangs pop up.

Officers say the camp’s theme will be positive role models.

Each day will have different community leaders like athletes from the Greenville drive, first responders, and our military men and women.

The camp will target 5th and 6thgraders to hopefully catch kids before they go down the wrong path. 63 kids are expected to attend.

The camp coordinator SGT. Ed Irick says “When somebody is in a gang, and they show no will to change and they don’t want to get out of a gang, sometimes the only avenue we have is through suppression, but we really want to focus our efforts through prevention and intervention to reach those kids before they make that ultimate decision to go over into that lifestyle.”

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