Firefighter safety in extreme summer heat

Firefighter safety in summer heat
Firefighter safety in summer heat

GREEMNVILLE CO. (WSPA)- A North Carolina firefighter has died after exercising while on duty.

Thirty four-year old Joshua Warren went for a jog, collapsed, and later died at the hospital.

We’ve already seen temperatures reach the 90’s here in the Upstate, and it isn’t even the hottest part of summer.

With temperatures continuing to rise, what are fire departments doing to keep their crews safe?

The biggest thing fire chiefs work to instill in their crews, is the importance of hydration and looking out for their fellow firefighters.

The protective gear weighs 50 pounds, and when the heat of the flames is factored in, firefighters are in temperatures near 600 degrees.

This means crews are drinking water constantly, only wearing protective gear when necessary, and limiting training outside.

They will also work with units to rotate crews while on a call.

Many fire crews allow for optional training outdoors during hot summer months, but many firefighters will still train on their own to get used to the heat.

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