Money rains down after bags fall off armored truck

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP/WPRI) — It was raining money in Providence after three bags of cash fell off an armored truck and a car drove over them, bursting two of the bags open.

The Providence Journal reports that it happened Wednesday, when the Brink’s armored truck was pulling into the main entrance of Rhode Island Hospital.

A Brink’s representative told police that the back door popped open and the bags spilled out. After another car ran them over, the wind picked up the bills and the money started flying.

The Brink’s crew tried to catch the flying bills but weren’t able to get them all.

Eyewitness News checked with Providence Police Commander Thomas F. Oates III, who said representatives from Brinks’ main office in Boston went to police headquarters more than eight hours later to report what happened earlier in the day. Oates said officers “didn’t respond to the scene when it is alleged to have happened.”

According to the police report, when the crew got back to their facility they realized they were missing more than $20,000.

Brink’s told police that its own security team is investigating how the truck’s door popped open.

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