I-85 N ramp to I-385 column repairs should be finished next week


GREENVILLE, SC (WSPA) – SCDOT has reopened Exit 51C ramp from I-85 northbound to I-385 northbound into Greenville for cars only.

The Department of Transportation says truck traffic is being restricted while crews work to make repairs to the bridge.

I-385 DOT repair ramp work damageThe ramp was closed as a precaution and the DOT brought in engineers and contractors to evaluate the condition of the bridge on Sunday morning.

SCDOT tells 7 News they conduct routine inspections on the bridges every two years. In 2014, they noted small cracks in the same column, but did not raise concern. They believe the vibrations from construction made the cracks worse.

Repair work is set to begin over the next week.

The ramp reopened for car traffic around 6pm Sunday.

The DOT says trucks should use the Woodruff Road exit (Exit 51B) or utilize I-185 to access downtown Greenville.

The current 385 ramp is to be demolished within 6 to 8 months during construction for the gateway project.

The DOT is weighing two cheaper options to make the column more structurally sound and safe.


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