Employee shot after fight at Lear Corp.

SPARTANBURG, SC (WSPA)- One man is hurt and another man has been arrested after a shooting in a Greer business’ parking lot.

The shooting was reported at 4:17 a.m. Monday at Lear Corporation on Woods Chapel Road.

Police say a man was shot after he and another man got into a fight.

The suspected shooter, Jaquan Davonte Rice, a Lear employee.

The Crime Investigation Department, Spartanburg County Forensics and K-9 units were called in to help with the search, according to police.

Reports say Rice was found by Spartanburg County Sheriff’s deputies.

A witness told officers that he and the victim were outside during their break, according to the incident report. The victim said he was about to fight Rice, so he asked the witness to hold his things, reports say.

Witnesses say after the fight was over the victim went to shake Rice’s hand but he refused, pulled out a gun from his book bag and shot the victim.

One witness heard the gunshot and a person yelling for help, so he ran inside to get help, reports say. Others helped to put the victim in a vehicle, according to reports.

The victim was taken to Pelham hospital with a gunshot wound to his right side, reports say.

Rice turned himself into Greer police and is facing a charge for attempted murder.

In the past two years, police have gone to Lear 77 times.

Some of the other calls include fights, stolen cars and motorcycles and false alarm calls. Other calls were for extra patrols after a rash of auto break-ins.

Lear Corporation does not allow guns on its property. The company says they’ve only called police once or twice and they’ve taken police’s advice.

Security cameras have been added in the parking lots and Lear will review safety procedures.

Lear tells us both the victim and the shooter were employees and that they believe the two men were having an argument over the NBA finals game last night that escalated into Monday’s shooting.

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